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Kentucky’s Trusted Agency for Personal & Business Insurance

Cornerstone Insurance is committed to providing the best coverage and pricing available to you. Our agency offers insurance for both personal and business clients throughout the state of Kentucky, and business clients all across the nation. We have offices conveniently located in Florence, Independence, and Lexington.


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Insurance Agency Independence KY


Your home is an invaluable resource to you and your family. It is one of the greatest forms of safety as well as comfort, which is why having it insured is one of the greatest things you can do for it. You and your family cannot afford to lose your home from unforeseen circumstances. Get insured today to protect your home’s future.

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Insurance Agency Independence KY


No matter what point you are at in your life, being insured is the most important thing you can do to ensure you and your family’s safety. As much as we wish we could control outside forces, we can’t, and sometimes that can be costly. When unforeseen circumstances happen, make sure you are covered by taking advantage of life insurance today.

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Insurance Agency Independence KY


As time goes by, your health changes with it. Sometimes it can be a steady change while other times it comes out of nowhere. In any case, make sure that you are covered today with the right health insurance agency. Without it you could be facing serious risks that impact both you and your family. Find the right carrier today.

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Insurance Agency Independence KY


Life can be easier when you have a vehicle to take you from point A to B. Unfortunately, accidents happen every day, and when they do, the last thing you need is to not be insured. Although we can’t promise that no damage will ever happen to your vehicle, we can help you avoid any serious loss by providing you with the right insurance options.

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Insurance Agency Independence KY


Going on trips to the outdoors is fun and exciting. However, if you run into an issue and don’t have recreational insurance, your expedition may be memorable for a whole new reason. To make certain that your outing to the wilderness is as exciting as you hoped for, have your vehicles covered through recreational insurance today.

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Insurance Agency Independence KY


As a business owner, you already have a lot on your plate with trying to get everything up and running. The last thing you need is for something to go seriously wrong. Whether you need insurance for your building, or employees, we’ve got you covered. Take a look at the different services we provide to keep your business running.

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With our several qualified providers to choose from, you will be sure to find the right coverage you need for any point in your life.


“Having worked with Cornerstone for the past 7 years, I can therefore attest to the dedication of the staff in finding and maintaining the most comprehensive and competitively priced insurance rates. The staff is always kind, courteous, and professional as they tailor packages suited to your individual needs. They are accessible and highly responsive in answering questions pertaining to current rates, coverage, and accident remediation. I recommend Cornerstone to both family and friends.”

- Derek T.

“I have been a client with Tim Stewart for many years. He is always available, he is always patient, and he always has the answers I need. I appreciate the time Tim takes to answer my questions, no matter how silly they seem. He helps me make the best insurance decisions for my family. When my husband and I married, he was with another insurance company. After talking to Tim, we decided to stay with my plan. Tim is the BEST!!”

- Kimberly N.

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Cornerstone Insurance L.L.C. We have been clients for over fifteen years and still feel like we get the best coverage and service from a group of people who truly care about their clients.

Not only has your knowledge and input about our insurance needs helped us grow our company but also your customer service has allowed us to spend our time doing our job and being able to trust our insurance concerns were in good hands.

We thank you again and hope to continue our partnership with Cornerstone for years to come.”

- Renee B.