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About Our Company

Harnessing the Power of Multiple Agencies.

Cornerstone Insurance is the result of strategic partnerships between several leading Kentucky agencies in order to provide customers with better coverage options and top-of-the-line service. Made up of Universal Underwriters, Northern Kentucky, Keystone-Sills, Stewart, and Jack Lillie Insurance Agencies, Cornerstone Insurance has a combination of experience and knowledge that is hard to find anywhere else!

We chose the name Cornerstone Insurance for several reasons:

  • • The partnership between our agencies is the cornerstone of our future success;
  • • “Cornerstone” reflects the faith based values of the owners and employees of our respective agencies;
  • • Finally, insurance is the cornerstone of the financial security we are committed to providing to our valued clients.

For a little information on each of the six agencies, please read below.

Universal-Underwriters Insurance, Inc.

Founded in 1970 by John Hamilton (co-owner of Cornerstone). Office located in Independence, KY. A family agency with the daughter, granddaughter, and grandson-in-law of owner John Hamilton all in the business. Has serviced the needs of Northern Kentucky residents and businesses for over 40 years.

Northern Kentucky Insurance

Founded by Mike Roaden (co-owner of Cornerstone) in 2014 after years of work for Federated Insurance. Specializes in commercial insurance. Licensed in all 50 states of the United States. A family agency with daughter of owner Mike Roaden also serving the agency’s clients.

Keystone-Sills Insurance

Formerly separate agencies, acquired by John Hamilton in 1994 and operating as Keystone-Sills since. Managed by John’s daughter Kelley Thomas out of Lexington, KY. Offers church insurance to southern and western Kentucky.

Stewart Insurance

Information coming soon.

Jack Lillie Insurance

Information coming soon.

Universal-Underwriters, Northern Kentucky Insurance, Keystone-Sills Insurance, Stewart Insurance, and Jack Lillie Insurance represent a rich heritage of knowledge and service spanning 50 years. As we move forward under the name of Cornerstone Insurance, we recognize that our growth has been fueled by these relationships, and we remain committed to the core values represented by this heritage.